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Despite this being a classic car festival, the first car of this part is the complete opposite of classic, the Lamborghini Huracan Performante. The owner was friends with the local Porsche club's President, who was also one of the people who helped run this event. Perhaps it was through this that he entered the show.

Although we were not friends yet as of that day, we eventually got to know each other quite well. The owner of this Huracan, Mr. Miyashita is a very nice person and offered to take me around for a spin in this Huracan sometime.

What makes him, and this car even cooler is that he regularly takes it to the track to race it competitively at Autopolis Racing Circuit in Ooita Prefecture. And what better car to race competitively than a Huracan Performante. Producing around 630bhp, and packed full of new technologies and materials such as forged carbon, the Huracan Performante is a track machine, even once holding the title of the fastest production car on the Ring.

I hope he has not forgotten his offer to take me for a spin in this wonderful car. I would very much like to experience the raw power of a track ready Lamborghini.

Next up is one of my best buddies here in Japan's all original 1971 Porsche 911S. As well as being a good friend, he is also the President of the Southern Japan Porsche club. Although we had only just met on that day, he was incredibly nice and offered to take me back down to town (which was quite a long way away) after the show in one of the club's Porsches.

Originally a Skyline man, he eventually switched sides in his youth to become a Porsche fan. This Porsche 911S is his baby and he has kept it as original as he could. One thing that he kept untouched was the paint.

Edited picture for Mr. Kaz

Because the original paint used by Porsche to paint the original 911's are no longer produced, Mr. Kaz (the owner) refused to have the car repainted in anyway, aside from a few spots where he touched up some dings.

Even all the original stickers were kept on the car. My favorite of the stickers is this "Warning Operator Only" sticker. I thought it was a novelty sticker in the beginning, but it turned out to be a sticker put on all 911's sold in right hand drive markets at the time to prevent a confused passenger from getting into the driver's seat.

The interior, without question is all original, but the most impressive part about this particular car is the fact that its engine has never been overhauled before (at least according to Kaz). He keeps an incredibly tight ship about his car and his brain is filled to the brim with all knowledge Porsche.

We would go on some nice drives in his car before, and if you follow my posts, I have posted a video I have done with his car.


It was my first video so it is in need of improvement, but if you do not mind, please watch and critique!

Next to my buddy's Porsche was this yellow Porsche 930.

Next up is my other buddy's Porsche 356 A. A big fan of Porsche's and the Beetle's flat four, the owner, Mr. Ueno opened his own mechanic/used car shop specializing in Porsches and VW's. Nicknamed Sha-cho or Bossman as a result, his shop in Kirishima is one of the best places here and I hang out there often.

Although not as original as the Mr. Kaz's 911S, this 356 A is still an incredibly beautiful car.

And it is not just the outside, the interior and the engine bay (no pictures unfortunately) are both incredibly well kept.

Here is a picture of the 356 inside his shop just after the show. So beautiful.

Moving on to the JDM's, we have this crazy shakoten Toyota Cresta.

One of the most popular cars for body modifications, no two (modified) Crestas are the same. I am not a fan of how he has done up the rear though. But, I love those Tamiya stickers. Makes the car look like a giant toy.

Perhaps it is the Japanese gangsta side in me, but I love how the front looks with its protrusions. It looks so cool in a very Yankii (Japanese for delinquent) kind of way. Fight the power!

As I have said in a previous part, there were a lot of Isuzu 117 Coupes at the show. I went from not even knowing what it was to seeing a handful of them in a single day. Beautiful car though.

I have first seen one of these on the mountains of San Francisco and have never seen one since. At least until now. The old Mini Countryman is such a nice little utilitarian car. You keep the mini stature while also having enough luggage room to carry just about anything.

The vintage wooden style on this one also adds a nice touch. I do quite like how versatile the Austin Mini is.

Which car was your favorite? Comment your thoughts below and as always, thanks for reading.

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