Although this may be a classic car event, that did not stop a few modern day supercars from crashing the party. One of which is this beautiful Honda NSX.

This car is perhaps one of my favorite modern day supercars and since it is so new, I am sure it requires no introduction.

While this is a Honda, the new Honda NSX is designed and built in Ohio after Honda moved R&D work to the United States after the economic crisis.

This particular NSX has the sporting package on with these carbon wheels.

Ditching the originally proposed V10 powertrain for a V6 hybrid system, the NSX produces a total output of 573bhp with the most advanced Honda SH-AWD system attached to a car, boosting its handling around corners.

Despite all the hate this new iteration of the Honda NSX gets, I like it a lot. Out of the three Japanese supercars that we have been greeted with in the past decade, it definitely looks the most supercar-ish and is the only one with the engine in the proper place for a supercar.

Because I like this car so much, I took quite a lot of pictures, so here are the rest.

Next, we have an older car. Although it will be a future classic, I do not believe it has entered the realm of classic just yet.

A regular ol' R34 GT-R, this JDM icon produces a base of "276bhp" from its inline 6, although truer figures may be closer to 300bhp.

For the rest of the pictures of this car, check out the older issue on all the Skylines at the show.


Now finally, a classic.

An old 20's Packard I believe. Packards do have a very distinct front headlight design.

And hood ornament, might I add. These old interwar cars are always so detailed.

Despite what I might have thought this car is, I could very easily be wrong. So, would anyone specializing in pre-WWII cars help me confirm what car this is?

Speaking of WWII, we have a car that helped the allies win WWII.

This lovely recreation of a WWII Willy's Jeep is just spot on. I love that turret on the back as well.

Aside from this Jeep, there was an old army truck as well.

This truck is a 1951 Dodge. I am not too familiar with these war vehicles and old American trucks, so if someone has any idea, please feel free to explain down in the comments!

Despite my lack of knowledge on these cars, I do like how they look, as they look absolutely badass.

Next, we have a Karman Ghia that I forgot to take a picture from the front of.

This Ghia is in incredibly good shape, and is the only blue one I have recalled seeing.

With the Karmann, I would like to end today's issue. Keeping it short and simple for the New Year, after a long night out on the Eve.

Which one was your favorite? Comment your thoughts down below, and as always, thank you for reading! For similar content, come check out my tribe!


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