Japan's most spectacular private car collection

We went to see what is quite possibly the craziest privately owned car collection in Japan.

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There is one private car collection in Japan,

that has quietly been making noise on the Internet. You may even have seen videos come up on your feed from the four or five popular Youtubers who were brave enough to fly all the way to Japan. It is Mr. Miura’s car collection, said to be one of the most beautiful private car collections in Japan. Indeed, it features a magnificent selection of hypercars and supercars - Italian for the most of it - from different generations.

Located an hour drive away from Tokyo, no one would expect the treasures hidden behind the caramel-coloured brick walls. We drive through the gate that takes us to a different world. The sounds from the street seem to have faded away, creating a silent and serene place for the cars that are peacefully sleeping. Through the reflections of the glass windows, we see the silhouettes of red Ferraris and the aggressive lines of Lamborghinis. A tall man walks out; it is Mr. Miura who warmly welcomes us inside. Over some coffee, we talk, we look at old albums, we walk around the cars.

“Rosso Barchetta,” “Reventon,” “F40”

are some of the names that may have echoed in your ears already so let’s jump into the cars without further due. The cars move around in the showroom every now and then to welcome new models and to keep things exciting. This time, we were greeted by a Reventon.

This is the 9th Reventon out of the 20 coupes ever produced. In a matte Reventon grey, we are guessing that this car has been hanging around here for the past 12 years since it directly travelled from Sant’Agata Bolognese. While a few were shipped to North America to owners as prestigious as Ralph Lauren, and though things have now changed, only one was said to have been shipped to Asia: Mr. Miura’s Reventon. Next to the Reventon is another Lamborghini that keeps it company: a Matte White Lamborghini Aventador SV. Located near the window for an easy exit, it is one of Mr. Miura’s daily drive but being a little too bold and a little too loud, it isn’t exactly his favourite. In fact, his latest addiction is a White GT2RS that he never thought he would love driving that much!

In front of the SV is the Enzo.

It is the hypercar that gets driven around, with about 8,000km on its gauge. We are sometimes graced with its presence on a lucky day in Daikoku. Its colour? Rosso Barchetta, just like the F50 it is facing. If all of the cars are worth looking at from up close, there is something very special about the F50’s paint: wherever the light hits, the reflection shatters like static. It is in fact the carbon fiber that we can see through the thin layer of Rosso Barchetta paint. The contrasts are impressive: something so loud and powerful can be so frail to the touch.

One car that stole both our hearts

was without hesitation the LaFerrari. Why? Because of its satin black roof and details, and its spectacular colour. Though it may look like a Rosso Barchetta, it is in fact called “Rosso Shiro” and if this is the first time you have heard of this colour, that’s normal. Rosso Shiro was a colour made exclusively for Mr. Miura for this exact LaFerrari.

The award for the most extravagant car

would surely go to the Koenig Specials Ferrari 512BB. Silently sitting there alone in a corner under the stairs and underneath its immaculate white paint, it screams decadence. We had seen it in Mr. Miura’s old albums as he had been the proud owner of it for the past 32 years. It is far from being a common sight and we can imagine how crazy it must have been when it used to race the streets of Tokyo, but it looks different from what it was before. The seats have been replaced with much racier seats, the red leather replaced with a stain, water, ageing resistant black leather, and the wheels… The back wheels have been replaced with Ferrari’s 330 P3 tires, and he has an extra pair too. Jaw drop? Ours did too.

The back of the room hosts the four last cars

for this side of the collection: a Ferrari F40, a Ferrari F40 LM, and two classic legends: a Ferrari 275 GTB and a Lamborghini Miura. The F40 and the F40 LM make for the perfect pair in this collection. With only 19 F40 LMs ever produced not only is it rare for us to see one, it is even rarer to see it next to a just as rare yellow F40. With a passion for all things Ferrari, we cannot overlook the graceful 275 GTB. Despite having been placed further back in the corner, it gloriously shines under the spotlight and though it now sits comfortably in its fifties, the paint is fresh and glossy while the beige leather seats and the wooden steering wheel hardly shows signs of aging.


there is in this sea of red Ferraris a falsely intimidating orange Miura S. After all, it is a car that has been here for about 40 years and much longer than most of the Ferraris around it! The Miura was driven by the likes of Frank Sinatra but while Frank Sinatra gave it away to one of his model girlfriend who then traded it for a then-latest model Countach, Mr. Miura took incredibly good care of his precious Miura. Proudly sitting there, this exceptional car looks absolutely lustrous in its orange robe and black leather interior.

The Miura collection does not end here

He in fact has a second garage on the other side of the patio hosting supercars, some of his daily drives as well as special models he does not want to have under the Instagram spotlight. But as we had to wrap up our time there, the rest of the collection will make for another story.

The cars that fill up the rooms are absolutely remarkable and exceptional but we must not forget that without the man, those exceptional cars wouldn’t be gathered here. Mr. Miura has seen quite a few generations of cars pass in front of his eyes and though some cars have come and gone, there are those that stole his heart and that have been accompanying him in this beautiful journey. Over the next few months, he plans on traveling to find his next gem. As we talk to him, we can feel the spark that keeps his passion alive and today, Mr. Miura’s passion for cars is more alive than ever.

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  • Wow, I have not actually seen a real Lamborghini Reventon even in photos for AGES. This is awesome. My favorite has to be the Reventon. All of them are really, really well-kept (but I do hope they are driven sometimes).

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