Jay daniels' debut race weekend in the brscc fiesta championship.

On the 27th of august Jay daniels made his debut in the brscc quaife fiesta championship at Silverstone.

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On the 27th of August Jay Daniels made his debut in the BRSCC Quaife Fiesta Championship at Silverstone. For his debut weekend he chose to compete with the Race Car Consultants team, running in Class C piloting a Ford Fiesta ST. As well as this being Daniels' debut in the championship it was also his first ever race weekend in a car. Daniels had only tested the car one day with team boss David Ellesley as his instructor before the test day on the Friday 26th August before the race weekend.

On Friday Daniels spent his test sessions getting to learn the circuit better whilst gradually improving his lap times. He showed a lot of potential and set lap times that would possibly see him qualify inside the top ten on Saturday. As he got used to the car he began pushing the car to its limits and managed to go even quicker than earlier sessions.

On Saturday morning Daniels headed out onto the circuit at approximately 11:05 for the final practice session ahead of qualifying. All of the cars from classes A, B, C and D were sent out on the circuit together, totaling thirty four cars and eighteen of them were in the same class as Daniels. When the chequered flag came out to end the session he was sat in twelfth place, with a fastest lap time of 1:11.013. His fastest lap time was set on the ninth lap of the National Circuit. During the session he managed to complete fifteen laps of the circuit.

Later in the day at 13:05 it was time for qualifying, Daniels headed out onto the wet and slippery circuit. Rain was still falling in the air, his only hope was to qualify inside the top ten. Daniels had no experience of driving the ST or the Silverstone circuit in wet conditions. He managed to complete five laps of the circuit, setting a quickest lap time of 1:21.795 on his second lap. Daniels was sat in eighth place when a yellow flag was being waved at turn one after a Class B car had rolled into the gravel. As Daniels headed into turn one he began feeling the car sliding, after over-correcting the car he spun and ended up stranded in the gravel trap near the Class B car that was on its side. Due to both being stuck in the gravel trap at turn one the officials had no other option but to red flag the session. Due to the red flags and awful conditions, the officials decided to give the drivers in the championship an extra ten minutes to qualify on Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning Daniels headed out onto the Silverstone National circuit for the second part of qualifying. With the circuit being dry it was known straight away that the lap times from Saturday would not be used as the dry ones would be significantly quicker. His fastest lap from the dry session was a 1:10.436, putting him in tenth for race one. Daniels' second fastest lap was a 1:10.533, this saw him line up eleventh for the second race of the weekend.

Daniels headed out onto the circuit for the opening race of the weekend, this being in torrential rain. This was his first ever race in a car as well as being his first ever wet race. Three laps into the race completed and he was sitting in fifth, he dived up the inside of Myles Baker to take fourth. He completed the move and was in fourth when Baker aquaplaned and unfortunately collected Daniels. Luckily the impact was taken on the passengers side of the car, this sent Daniels spinning onto the grass. Luckily he dipped a wheel into the gravel which assisted in straightening the car and being able to carry on. Daniels only lost a few places after the incident, the safety car was deployed to allow Baker's car to be recovered after quite a heavy clash with the pit wall. Daniels managed to bring the car home with no more damage in eighth place. He was pleased with this result, especially with it being his first race in the ST, first car race in the wet as well as his first ever car race.

Daniels headed out for race two later in the day, the track was quite greasy so he decided to go for slick tyres on the front with wet tyres on the rear to give himself the best opportunity. He made his way up into ninth from eleventh, on the fifth lap of the race Daniels made a mistake into turn one. He over-corrected the car and spun into the gravel. The lovely Silverstone marshals pushed him out of the gravel trap and allowed him to re-join the race, albeit two laps down. He managed to complete another two laps of the race before it was red flagged due to an incident occurring at the final corner. He brought the car home in fourteenth with no extra damage, just some gravel.

Jay Daniels headed to Silverstone with the goals of finishing both races and pushing into the top ten if possible. He completed both races, one being inside the top ten. This meant Daniels achieved both of his goals. Overall he felt happy with how the race weekend had gone and was proud of himself for never giving up, even when things went against him.

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