Jay Leno owns the most expensive Duesenberg ever and he's besotted with it

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    Jay Leno is a man who's had more than a few incredible cars in his collection. This particular one though is one of the most incredible he's ever had the privilege to own. In this video from his Jay Leno's Garage YouTube channel he talks all about this 1934 Duesenberg Walker Coupe that's the most expensive Duesenberg ever produced! Built specially for the ultra-wealthy Josia Lilly, the CEO of Lilly Pharmaceutical, it was created on a money no object basis and as a result has a ton of unique features including some very early examples of aerodynamic body styling on a road car. It also has an aviation-themed cabin, something that was all the rage back then following the intrepid exploits of aviators like Charles Lindberg. Leno is absolutely besotted with the car and from watching the video it's pretty easy to see why!

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