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JDM fans, your new Widebody Supra is here!

And it is insane!!

35w ago

The Supra has not gone down well with JDM fanboys. I touched on why I disagree with this in a recent article, but people are allowed to have their own views, so here's one for you.

Unlike certain aftermarket bodywork fitters *cough cough Mansory* Liberty Walk has a good record for adding, rather than removing style from base cars. And their latest project, a widebody Supra, is no different!

Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk

It looks amazing! The rear three quarters are a personal favourite! Costing between £14-19k depending on options, it is composed of CRP or Carbon Fibre, and coats every single panel. Power stays the same, because Liberty Walk wants you to go to the pros for that one. People have tuned Mk V Supras to over 1000bhp, and you should do exactly that!

It's hard to see the disadvantages! iDrive, racing seats, menacing exterior, proper power and a JDM name! Love it!

The only thing is, if you dare to put this kit on a 2 litre then I probably will shout at you.

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  • Looks like shit. Slapping wide fenders on just looks like wide fenders. Supra was a design miss and this just made it worse.

      7 months ago