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Last week, Chris Turek and I started a new series called SSDD "Same Subject, Different Direction" which can be seen on his profile. This series consists of us taking pictures of the exact same car at the same time and then we compare the results after editing. Here is my full photo set from the first installment of the series.

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  • The air dam is sagging, and the aftermarket rims and/or tires look too big, making the ride height too high. Also, white is a bland color for a 240Z. There are so many good colors to choose from. I’m biased because my own 1970 240Z was blue with a white racing stripe.

    I’m not trying to be critical…just giving my own humble opinion which I guess is the purpose of this post.

      19 days ago
    • I feel like the purpose of the post was the photos themselves, not the car.

        19 days ago
    • If, as stated, the purpose is to compare the photos after editing, then both sets should be posted at the same time. Thanks

        19 days ago
  • The air dam is sagging in the middle, it should be straight and supported. I put the BRE style on my Z.

      20 days ago
    • I've seen that one, it's weird.

        20 days ago
    • Well they actually work, they even direct air to the brakes, and mine is installed correctly.

        20 days ago