JDM, is it really that ideal?

This article is about JDM cars, and how they are impacting car culture.

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "JDM?" Its really a complex word, since the abreviation actually means Japanese Domestic Market. Most people probably think how they are too loud and usually a nuisance. Usually the people think this are older people who need to sleep, so they can go to work, and whatever. But not us! (I mean, I hope that you have a job, but like, you love spending time driving your car and revving like crazy!) Anyway, let's get into the details, but first, let's do a poll.

Want to know the "correct" answer? I'll just spoil it for you! You should have obviously chosen the "no" answer! If you said "yes", then why are you still reading, since this article is if you actually like them! They are totally awesome, so you should probably leave if you aren't into this type of thing. But if you are into this, then keep reading!

JDM cars are cars made by car manufacturing companies in Japan. They are very different from cars made in America but are quite the norm on the other side. Speaking of sides, for all you American readers, most JDM cars are RHD, which stands for Right Hand Drive. All cars manufactured in America are LHD, which is different than the rest of the world. While some RHD cars are legal in America, it's probably better to choose a car that has been formatted for LHD.

JDM cars were not super popular until somewhere in the early 2000s (I don't know exactly) They became more popular when the Fast and Furious movies came out. These movies stood out to younger people, since they were new and not heard of. They were also flashy, and seemed to be the new rebellious car thing. This will also lead us to the drifting side of JDM. Drifting is where you drive the car at high speeds and then rapidly throw it to the side. (almost literally) You should probably learn how to do it and maybe practice it before you actually try to do it since it can be dangerous. Most drift cars are RWD and use a stickshift or handbrake. They call for you to constantly pull the handle to allow you to speed around a tight corner actually "drifting."

JDM car culture is way more complex than others. It also has super cool accessories! There are things like JDM Tsurikawa, roll cages, custom headlights, custom mufflers, and much more! But we will get into it in another article.

JDM cars are almost all old. Many were discontinued because of resource shortages because of WW2. And they didn't need fast cars during that time, so they discontinued them. But they are still really cool, and can be used for daily's. Though you might need to invest on new parts since they are old, they will probably need replacement parts.

Its obviously an opinion if you think if JDM cars are ideal or not, but its up to you to decide! You don't have to love JDM cars to be a part of car culture! I hope you enjoy your time on DriveTribe!

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