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This is Norev's 1:18 scale Alpine A310

37w ago


Alpine first introduced the A310 in 1971, but the car was hardly flying out of the factory. 1976 came with an engine upgrade to the venerable PRV V6, boasting more horsepower over the outgoing wheezy inline 4. Sales instantly increased, and the Alpine even won the 1977 French Rally Championship.

This 1977 Alpine A310 from Norev's 1:18 selection was an impulse buy. I saw it in the clearance newsletter email, I consulted with my shoulder angels, then I entered my credit card info. It is definitely a black sheep in my collection of supercars and one-offs, but I couldn't help myself for only $40.

Forty bucks is the proper price point for this 1/18 model. It definitely has a budget feel to it being marginally detailed and a few obvious flaws. The first of which can be easily spotted in my photos: the frunk just doesn't line up with the rest of the cowl. It almost looks like someone installed a set of hood spacers (remember those?) for additional cooling, but missed the memo that this Alpine is rear-engined.

The second thing I don't care for are the wheels on this car. I like the style, but I feel they lack conviction. Norev is notorious for making their wheels and tires a little disproportioned, but these look too toy-ish for my tastes. The lug nuts and center caps need to be more defined in order to stand out from the rest of the slotted dish wheels.

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  • Local rego to me. 50 is Manche, Normandy. It's a pretty rural area but there are a few monied towns.

    I'd guess this alpine was last spotted outside the casino in Granville..

      8 months ago
  • Oui, oui, oui!

      8 months ago
  • Was it your angel on your shoulder that told you to buy or was it the other fella? :)

    I remember back in the 90's when there were a lot of 1/18 in KB Toys and Maisto brand were plenty and just around $19 and Costco was selling them for $9.99. But other brand of course are way higher.

      8 months ago