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Jeep coming to SnowRunner in Phase 5?

A​ Jeep DLC rumour is doing the rounds in SnowRunner Town. Here is what we know so far as well as other Phase 5 gossip.

7w ago

S​nowRunner may not always use officially licensed trucks, but when there is some gold to be made we get the likes of the Tatra Dual Pack and now, if my source is correct, the Jeep Dual Pack.

A​s I talk about in the video above (click play if you know what's good for you), somebody had already unearthed an image of a Jeep within SnowRunner. Now there are two more, one of which appears to officially confirm the 'Jeep Dual Pack' name.

'D​ual' lightly hints at the fact allegedly there will be two different Jeep scouts to drive around Alaska, Michigan and the new Phase 5 Don region of Russia. Being officially licensed, expect to see decent vehicle physics and detail.

F​or anyone who has bought the SnowRunner Year 1 Pass or Year 2 Pass, it appears the Jeep DLC will be excluded. Meaning prepare to empty your pockets for the privilege of driving a brand we had back in the MudRunner days.

A​s previously mentioned, the Tatra Dual Pack is another recent SnowRunner DLC. Except here you get two trucks far larger than either Jeep. Off-road monsters from the manufacturer's home in the Czech Republic, to be precise.

C​urrently, SnowRunner Phase 5 is the latest update being tested on the Public Test Server. It is expected to arrive on the 9th of September 2021, alongside PC crossplay between Epic, Steam and Windows versions, the new Immersive Mode and other new fun stuff. Subscribe and like!

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