Jeep Compass Diesel Automatic launched!

J​eep has launched its diesel automatic for the standard 4X4 variants. Read this short blog/article for more details.

The FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) launched the Jeep brand in India with the Jeep Compass as the debut vehicle in 2017. The car at that time lacked certain features that came in later like the sunroof. The Compass missed out on a diesel automatic too. The diesel AT then came in with the Jeep Compass Trailhawk (the hardcore off-road variant) which meant if you wanted a diesel AT you had to pay a lot more extra for the top of the line Compass with all the off-road drive modes which you didn't need as much. The FCA has finally solved this problem by launching the Diesel Automatic with the 4X4 variants of the Compass. Yet the 4X2 variants still lack this option. Also, cruise control is now on offer in other variants as well (it was only offered in the Trailhawk earlier as I remember).

Upon asking Dr. Partha Datta, President and MD of FCA India, that why the diesel AT was first rolled on to the Trailhawk, then the 4X4 and why is it still not available to the 4X2 variants. Dr. Partha Datta answered by saying that Jeep as a brand has a true off-road spirit and the brand is staying authentic and original to it and that is why this is being offered to the 4X4s. Yet they are evaluating the 4X2 segment and market as well. You can expect the diesel AT to show up in the 4X2s in the future.

Dr. Partha Datta also said that Fiat has not exited the Indian market and is still present, manufacturing engines though and Fiat might return upon consideration in the future. Dr. Parth has been appointed the president when the Indian Auto-industry is going through a rough time and is very value sensitive. Also, the market is more SUV based at the moment which has been working out pretty well for Jeep so far even though the Compass is the only product the company depends upon as there isn't a market for the iconic wranglers at the moment. Also, the 7 seater Jeep Compass has no new updates. Now the demand for the diesel AT has been fulfilled and the company is expecting an increase in sales.

Do you think that Jeep should increase variety in its Indian line-up let me know in the comments section.

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