- M​ost luxurious Jeep deserves the most detailed sound from its speakers. McIntosh has the right fitment for it.

J​eep Grand Wagoneer & McIntosh sound system

McIntosh has been out of car audio for a while now but is returning with a loud and clear sound. Can't wait to hear it!

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W​hen was the last time you've seen McIntosh audio component or have you even seen/hear one at all? This new collaboration between Jeep and McIntosh might be the first tim you are interacting with this high-end audio brand, that is if you are a millennial. X, Y and Z generations are more familiar with the name. But even they haven't seen it in the car interiors for a while. Subaru is the last one I can think of that had it offered in certain models for the certain markets as a premium sound system and that didn't go that well for them as people who were buying Subbies didn't car much for the audio system if they were opting for WRX and STi performance models and those others who bought dark green Forester didn't pay much attention to anything they'd had to pay extra for. Now there was a 100th anniversary Ford GT that had McIntosh audio system and even Harley Davidson special edition bikes were equipped with one. And now, there is going to be one in the most tech-packed Jeep!

I​t's been recently that McIntosh Group announced that will get back in the car audio business again together with groups subsidiaries Sonus Faber and Alpine audio. Alpine has been making some of the best in car audio component for over five decades now and Sonus Faber is Italian high-end speaker company that makes not just beautifully sounding speakers but even more beautifully designed ones. So those three brands are in charge of building pinnacle of in car audio system for the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer. As of now, very little is known but apparently it is to be expected to have over 700 Watts delivered via 24 channel amplifier to 23 speakers. Some sources say 23 channel amp and 24 speakers so not sure who's got the numbers backwards but shall make sure to get this right once official numbers are available. It is needless to stipulate out that the car is to have the latest bells and whistles in connectivity and interface communication that include no less than 7 displays with over 43 inches in the display real estate smartly positioned around the vehicle. Also, a 3D audio should be implemented that will allow individual passenger to have its own music playing for them.

W​e shall have to wait till 2021 to se and hear first McIntosh audio systems in the new Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer. In the meanwhile there are going to be some teasers here and there to keep us on our toes. One in the link below.


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