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Jeep may be renaming the Cherokee, if they do what should the new name be?

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  • Jeepy Mc Jeep Face

      7 days ago

      7 days ago
  • Jeep Freedom cause you have the freedom to drive anywhere you want. plus if they bring back the liberty name your covered for the grand and the regular Cherokee.

      8 days ago
  • They won't... it's a name that's worked for years, and it's not offensive.

      7 days ago
    • The Cherokee tribe has asked for it to be changed, and with all of the other brands that have any sort of Native American name or imagery making changes in the last year, they may actually change it.

        7 days ago
    • Well I can’t believe we’ve gotten to this point. Some woman even called my Pontiac racist! It’s a mere name and it’s not appropriating a culture, and i honestly don’t see what’s wrong with it.

        5 days ago
  • White Suburban Girl Car

    Literally every rich white girl in Westchester has them!

      7 days ago