Jeep's expansion into Japan is beginning to pay off

With sales on the rise, Jeep is becoming one of the few American automakers to survive in Japan.

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Jeep has been making headlines recently with the unveiling of the Grand Cherokee L, Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer, and its new "4xe" (pronounced four-by-E) line of plug-in hybrid vehicles. In the US, Jeep sold more than 800,000 vehicles per year for the last five years until the pandemic shrunk that number to about 795,000. In Japan however, Stellantis is over the moon about a number a lot smaller than that.

Jeep, one of the only surviving American brands in Japan, is on pace to sell 15,000 units in Japan in 2021. With a lineup that is relatively consistent with the lineup from the US and Europe, Jeep is on their way to pursuing new buyers in a market that has been largely against buying American cars, for example, Chevrolet sold less than 600 cars in Japan for all of 2019.

The dealership experience in Japan is vastly different than traditional dealership experiences in the US. One of the best selling Jeeps in Japan is the Renegade, which makes sense, since its size and technology is on par with other small SUVs and does not suffer from being oversized or relatively unattractive in comparison to its rivals. Of course, the Wrangler is also responsible for the increase in sales. Jeep is expected to grow even more in Japan, as Stellantis aims to increase its dealership network by 25 percent over the course of the next three years.

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