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Jeep's Lineup to be EV or Hybrid by 2022

Apparently they want to be the greenest SUV company out there...

1y ago

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally hit us. The company known for their off-road prowess will finally be advancing into the future, with their entire lineup having some sort of hybrid or electric powertrain by 2022.

Jeep Global President Christian Meunier said this, "'We want to make it more of a sustainable, iconic brand, not only an off-road brand,' Meunier said. 'Expand the capability off-road into more of on-road capability, all-weather capability, and fully sustainable and I think that’s why when I said we want to become the greenest SUV brand in the world, we mean it and that is what the company is going to deliver.'"

Not only does this upset Jeep fans all over the world, it will also immensely change the off-road culture of Jeep. People buy jeeps because of the gasoline engines, and to modify them to make them off-road monsters. Another selling point of a Jeep is that if you ever need to go offroad (most of them never do), you can. It's the feeling that you can conquer any territory.

If they go with a more on-road approach, you won't get that feeling. Now, I'm sure that they will pick up some sales with the new EV marketing, but Jeep isn't really known as an efficient brand. For example, a 2020 Jeep Compass gets 23 MPG city, and 32 MPG highway. A Honda CRV gets 28 MPG city and 34 MPG highway. The 2020 Toyota Rav4 gets 26 MPG highway and 35 MPG highway. I think it's going to be hard for them to change that label.

One last little thing. Jeep just unveiled the new diesel Wrangler, and in two years the Wrangler will be a hybrid. Seems like some weird timing.

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  • I guess I don’t see the issue. The announcement said there would be plug-in hybrids and EV’s alongside ICE’s; conventional engines aren’t going away. And I mean, an EV Renegade makes sense - it’ll get you around town, and even to your favorite hiking spot and back no problem. And hybrids nowadays add torque to the equation. I’d love a Wrangler V6 with e-Torque that bumps output from 260 to 350 ft-lbs (provided it’s reliable enough for off-roading/ overlanding). More power + longer driving range seems like a win to me.

      1 year ago
  • Noice Article Boi

      1 year ago
  • I'm good with the hybrid idea, just keep them "offroad-ey." There's still dozens of us that actually use the things the way you're supposed to.

      1 year ago
  • Loving the new V6 rental this week!

      1 year ago
  • Why would they even think that Jeep is known for there bullet proof petrol engines

      1 year ago