Jeep's New Commercial Slams KIA Sorento's "Offroad Capabilities"

They did so in a hilarious way though

2y ago

The idea of an SUV was to make a car that was practical and able to go anywhere regardless of the terrain, but that was a somewhat old definition of it. Nowadays SUVs are more family cars than unstoppable offroaders designed for 'comfort' and 'spaciousness' rather than , some of these so called "SUVs" don't even have four-wheel-drive.

With SUVs getting more common, a new name was given to smaller ones than can barely plough through half an inch of snow, Crossovers. However, big ones are still called SUVs and they lack the offroad capabilities of say a... Jeep for example.

To address this, Jeep came up with this Advert...

Savage isn't it! Well, they didn't just pick on the Sorrento randomly, but this came after claims that the new Sorrento was capable of the Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab, Utah. However this advert suggests that Jeep tanks there might be certain modifications made for the Sorrento to complete the trail, thus the references of "aftermarket offroad tyres" and the end screen starting that with the Jeep Grand Cherokee there are "no modifications required".

The mockery didn't stop there, as the hamsters were used in previous adverts for the Kia Soul Crossover. This is so savage, but will they get away with it without no fuss? I guess so, I suppose that the fact that the Kia logo wasn't shown on the car then Jeep can just say it's a coincidence, but we all knew it was a Kia Sorrento though.

What do you think?

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