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Jeff Zwart Tests 700hp Bare Carbon Porsche 935 Pikes Peak Special

Larry Chen gets up close and personal with Zwart's 1-of-77 Porsche 935.


Jeff Zwart is Pikes Peak royalty, particularly in the world of Porsche. When he isn't being a film director, he has been seen thrashing Porsche GT3's up he famous hill climb - Pikes Peak.

For the most recent episode of Hoonigan AutoFocus, Larry Chen gets a close up look at the next Pike Peak machine he will pilot - the 1-of-77 raw carbon Porsche 935. Check out the video above for some point of view driving from Zwart as well as all the details on this unique machine.

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  • Jeff Zwart also directed Climbkhana right?

      3 days ago