Jeremy Clarkson actually liked the Rover 75!

Watch as Jeremy speaks his views on the Rover 75 back at its launch in 1998

1y ago

The Rover 75 became the epitome of 'old man's car' and although I would happily exchange my MG3 for a 75 tomorrow if given the chance, even I can admit that it has more than just a bit of an image problem. It's a shame really; the 75 was so hopeful. It was seen as Rover's saviour as if it had come down from the heavens via the guardian angels of BMW. The car was well thought out, one million times better built than the SD1 from 20 years earlier and before people shrugged it off, it was stylish (although I think it is still very pretty). Eventually it became the butt of jokes and everyone was laughing at poor old Rover being sold off with the family silver by BMW in 2000. Even the MG ZT didn't sell as well as it could have done because of the image of the 75 it was based on.

But whilst browsing through YouTube this evening, I did find this video from Top Gear's coverage of the 1998 British International Motor Show in Birmingham. Right away we see Jeremy Clarkson and Quentin Wilson oh so very enthusiastic about the car with Jeremy going on to call it his "star of the show"! It does make it more and more concerning how the image of a company can completely ruin a perfectly good car, especially seeing as Rover was still on the up (sort of) at this point. The video also features the Jaguar S-Type, so there is another reason to watch the video, even if you don't like Rover.

What do you think to the Rover 75? Was Jeremy right in liking it?


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Comments (16)

  • I share your love of the 75. It's elegant, like a modern day Jag Mark II.

      1 year ago
    • Best thing is, it is fantastic value for money! I'd rather have a 75 than the MG ZT.

        1 year ago
  • I actually owned an MG ZT 160 Turbo for 3 years over a decade ago. It was a great car to drive and looked loads better than a 75. I would have another one as long as it had the Mustang V8. However this is just another tale of woe of the British Motor Industry. Great design (half the car was actually BMW material) but put together by morons and cheaply built. What killed this car off was the K series engine. Nothing more nothing less. Apart from rear calipers (which is a common fault on any car with rear discs) the only problems I had with it was the engine. It was an absolute POS and never ran 100% properly in the entire time I had it. If it wasn't an engine management light it was the head gasket. Eventually I got that sick of its constant engine faults I gave it back to the finance company even though I only had 12 months left on the agreement. If you want a ZT go for it but please for the love of God DO NOT BUY A PETROL 4 OR 6 CYLINDER K SERIES!!! I guarantee you will regret it! Have a diesel or the coveted V8 😉👍

      1 year ago
    • A friend of mine has a ZT V8 and he loves it! Wouldn't mind a drive in one myself to be honest.

        1 year ago
    • I would genuinely buy a V8 ZT. I love V8's anyway. When you consider how much a Mustang is to buy and the fact a ZT would handle a lot better thanks to its BMW suspension and brakes it really is a no brainer in that sense. Just don't prang it or break a...

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        1 year ago
  • As an American, I feel as if this car is similar to the Buick Roadmaster wagon. Fantastic car, Buick just had a terrible reputation.

      1 year ago
  • Used to get them as company cars many years ago, had the entire range over a couple of years and let me tell you they were great to drive but 2000 miles a week was way beyond their reliability limitations, I could destroy a 2.5 V6 engine in two months, the company eventually moved me to Renault and they were just as bad 👍

      1 year ago