Jeremy Clarkson Can't Ride A Motorcycle Indoors, Either

Fine, "scooter"

3y ago

A whole bunch of years ago, Jeremy Clarkson got some experience riding a motorcycle (scooter, in everyone else's eyes) through the wilds of Vietnam, where he admitted there were some good moments but that motorbikes are an otherwise unwieldy, unsafe, uncomfortable and generally inane method of transport.

There's one crucial difference, though: that was outdoors. Outdoors, there is a whole host of unnecessary obstacles to contend with. Potholes. Buses. Richard Hammond. So, perhaps he'd have better luck indoors.

Predictably, he did not. At least he had the presence of mind to use his indicator (on the wrong side), and to keep up a stream of shouting so it was easy for May, our esteemed cameraman, to keep track of his biking prowess. Perhaps more skill will come with practice, but I think he'd rather drive the P45 down the motorway than a bike.


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  • That's great and all. WHEN DOES SEASON 2 PREMIERE?!?!?!

      3 years ago