Jeremy Clarkson - Doctor of Engineering!

Do you know it?

This is a significant and important stage in life. One of the highest achievements that can and should be proud of.

Jeremy wrote many interesting books, created whimsical mechanisms, created a know-how from a regular car, he hosted a show that reveals car secrets and those features that make driving a passion, and constantly writes articles about the most important things in newspapers. This all requires a great deal of efficiency, effort, will and intelligence, as well as ingenuity. This is all an invaluable experience that allowed Jeremy to get a degree. Very honorary title will allow him to speak in scientific circles and teach at the university :)

But it is so incredible, because then you have to shoot a new comic show, instead of serious lessons.

He received this degree in 2005. In this case, all the people of the scientific corps noted Jeremy’s deeply humorous approach to such a boring work as a doctoral one. It was something new in the history of the institution.

'During his career, Jeremy Clarkson has been described in many ways, notably in the House of Commons, in 1979, where the Transport Minister called him Mr Vroom Vroom himself. The FT called him a rightwing humorist as he had described the pleasures of driving in bus lanes – well, no-one else uses them. Other people are less easily deceived, recognising that beyond the self-parody there lurks a first-rate broadcaster and serious critic.

Like all good critics he is passionate about his subject, the world of cars, or 'cardom', as he calls it. He has an eye for detail and is fanatical about proper research. He is inspired by excellence and enjoys exposing the idiosyncrasies of the motoring public.

He has been in journalism almost without a break since 1978 when he joined the Rotherham Advertiser. He's now on our screens as the presenter of a rejuvenated Top Gear, writes weekly articles for The Sunday Times and contributes to Top Gear Magazine on a regular basis. Following the success of his own show Clarkson and his classic appearances as part of the new wave of Grumpy Old Men, he researched, wrote and presented a documentary on Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of the BBC's Greatest Briton series.'


Mr. Vroom Vroom and his motto Power are combined, isn't it?

Will Jeremy produce very clever and very thick books about the difference between internal combustion engines?


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