Jeremy Clarkson Is the New Spokesperson For Emirates New 1st Class Suite

1y ago


Emirates Airlines is taking first class travel comfort to a new level with their brand new suites, and to present these new suites, they chose a man who's name is synonymous with class and luxury. Just kidding, they picked Jeremy Clarkson.

To be fair, Jeremy does look quite dapper in a tuxedo as shown in the new Emirates promotional video featuring the suites. These fully enclosed cabins feature full temperature and lighting control, an HD display that's apparantely bigger than Jeremy's TV at home, a minibar, leather wrapped everything, a seat that not only reclines fully for sleeping, but also goes into a "zero gravity" mode, and finally, something called virtual windows.

The money shot of the promo, of course, is when Jeremy's tuxedo is blown off, revealing a set of pajamas that also comes with the suite. I am nearly 100% positive that those pajamas are of better quality than anything I own.

These new first class suites are inspired by Mercedes-Benz and are available through Emirates Airlines. Ahhhh, to be the 1%.


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Comments (7)
  • The advertising is interesting and impressive.

    Jeremy Clarkson in an unusual representative form and it is memorable

    1 year ago
  • inspired by mercedes benz? so half of the electrics wont work... shouldnt it be inspired by rolls royce as they set the standard for luxury cars since 1900

    1 year ago


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