Jeremy Clarkson, James May, & Richard Hammond Play "The Last Thing On Our Phone"

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Wired has given us a true treat this morning with a brilliantly funny video that shows our boys in their natural habitat. That is, non scripted, on the spot, poking fun at each other, and just letting their wit and humor fly.

In this video, Jeremy, James, and Richard play "The Last Thing On Our Phone" which is exactly what it sounds like: a host asks them to show various "last things" such as their last picture taken or the last text they received.

I won't spoil all of them here, but let's just say that James' music playlist is exactly what you would imagine, as is the last picture on Jeremy's phone (whether or not it really was a picture of his penis or not). Speaking of which, James' last picture that he took was literally a picture of his own pants.

Other questions include the last thing they Googled, the last video they watched, how many alarms they have set, and what they're most frequently used emoji is. Check out the video above for all the laughs you'll need this fine Saturday!


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  • Yeah I don't read emails from Jeff Bezos either.

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