Jeremy Clarkson, James May, & Richard Hammond Talk The Grand Tour's Appeal

1y ago


The success of Top Gear may have been due to the endless parade of exotic cars featured on the show, but as soon as Jeremy, James, and Richard left Top Gear and started The Grand Tour, one thing was very much certain: it was the three hosts themselves that people tuned in to see.

Take away the boys but keep the show the same, and what do you have? Something that once ruled the airwaves but is now second rate at best. Jeremy, James, and Richard know this as well, though they discuss it in a more diplomatic manner than I did.

In this short interview seen in the video, the boys discuss why they think their show has had such great success. Jreemy seems convinced that the viewing poplulation simply likes seeing three middle aged men get intyo scrapes, with the cars being a secondary reason to watch the show.

James describes the show as a sort of "world view through the eyes of three men who are a bit too obsessed with cars." He even mentions that the true car fanatics get annoyed with the show because the boys often aren't serious enough about the cars.

Hammond gives perhaps the most in-depth response, stating that cars represent so much of our culture that pretty much everyone, whether you love a certain car or hate it, has some form of opinion on the subject. It's a part of our daily lives and as such, it's something that can interest both the petrolhead and the non-petrolhead.

Check out the video above!

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Comments (21)
  • I really like seeing cars I will never get to drive being driven around everywhere.... I watch the shows because I love seeing the cars and because the mutual dislike of the the 3, and how they pair up against each other and make each other's live miserable is hilarious, especially on Top Gear... The Grand Tour is good, but I'm okay forgetting season 1.....

    1 year ago
  • imho People watched it hoping for top gear with out a filter of 'safe' television so people don't get upset over jokes about racism, with a bigger budget, less micromanaging of what goes on, a script that doesn't restrict their chemistry and banter. But what we got was cringe worthy scripted bullshit that lacked most of what made top gear work. On the plus side they have learned a valuable lesson in season 2, not all viewers are brain dead knuckle draggers who will laugh at anything put in front of them and wont even notice their limited intelligence is being insulted.

    1 year ago


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