Jeremy Clarkson On The Grand Tour S2, and James May's Surprise Hospitalization

Jeremy dishes on the ill-fated making of Season 2

2y ago


The Grand Tour Season 2 is right around the corner, and to whet our appetites, Jeremy has given us behind the scenes info on the making of Season 2, and also what we can expect.

Jeremy joked about how at one point in the span of 6 months, all three hosts had gone to the hospital (yes, all three!). James had a stomach bug, which is interesting because it didn't seem to get as much press as the other two's maladies. Jeremy had pneumonia, and Richard exploded in a Rimac Concept One because, according to Jeremy, "he can't see over the steering wheel."


In addition to the mishaps, Jeremy also gave us a tease as to what we can expect in Season 2:

"We've driven three old Jaguars down various ski runs.

I've done 400 miles, on the road, in the new Ford GT while racing James and a wheelchair-bound Richard in a plane [...] I've thundered round our track in Wiltshire in everything from a Jaguar XJ220 to a Tesla Model X."

As far as all the stuff that didn't work out so well in Season 1, Jeremy says:

"Then there's our tent studio. We all know certain things didn't work in the last run, so they've gone and in their place will be exciting new stuff.

All of which will be announced just as soon as I've thought of it."


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