Jeremy Clarkson Recounts Every Disaster From Making Season 2 Of The Grand Tour

It involves three separate hospitals in three separate countries

3y ago

The making of The Grand Tour's second season has been...eventful, to say the least. Several people got sick, one nearly died, and thanks to Jeremy Clarkson's Sunday Times column from this morning, we know now the exact conditions under which these myriad calamities took place.

Surprisingly, the first one to become ill was actually James May, who was laid up with severe food poisoning within minutes of the first season coming to a close. Clarkson quips that without James there to throw a neatly organized spanner into the works, the second season's ideas were banged out quickly.

Unfortunately, once James was back, the trio headed off to Switzerland to film a past-present-future battle with the Lamborghini Aventador S, the new Honda NSX, and the Rimac Concept_One. Then, inevitably, Richard Hammond binned it. I won't bother recapping that well-covered disaster, but you can read a bit more about it here.

With catastrophe #2 out of the way, Clarkson thought it was done. Then he went on vacation and was promptly laid up with double pneumonia for eight weeks. This was of little consequence, however, as he was able to cure himself quite expediently: "Because I’m made largely from wood and stone, I made myself better in a fortnight and finally we were ready to get cracking."

By spending most of the week on the phone with Amazon, they managed to push the release date back several weeks to December 8, and according to Clarkson, things are indeed chugging along.

"Despite the extra time, flat out doesn’t begin to cover the way we are working now. Home is a distant memory and my children are nothing more than well-thumbed photographs in my wallet. Terminal 5 is where I live now as I race from New York to Toronto, then back to France and Spain before hopping back on a plane to Vancouver. I’m writing scripts into the night and answering emails on the bog. Eating? I can’t remember when I last did that."

Clarkson mentions a few of the new things that'll be happening in Season 2 as well, most of which we've already known about, except for one amusing detail: taking a Tesla Model X around the track. After how the TopGear episode about the first Roadster went, I'm surprised Elon Musk signed off on this one. But, as the new Roadster reveal a few days ago showed us, he is prone to surprising maneuvers. I'm sure this time around it won't break down so conveniently.


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  • I'm really sick of people saying the break down was staged. Teslas have horrible build quality. There's a new story out about their reliability and quality issues practically every week.

      3 years ago
    • The evidence speaks for itself, please read the court document and testimony! The Clarkson team did not dispute their action, only that it was liable and the court agreed!

        3 years ago
    • Fact base analyses, not emotional conjecture Mr Giannulis unless you have some previously undisclosed empirical facts you wish to share, as a legally trained court reporter I only state to you what is in the record available to anyone who...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • First of all, I can't list how many times motoring journalist get it totally wrong about motoring and vehicle products let alone Tesla products! We were all witness to the Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson and the Top Gear debacle, now he is against driverless cars! That kind of nonsense is a discredit to journalism! The salient consumer facts are that everyone purchases the vehicle which best serves his or her transportation needs and financial resources! I have loved and owned several TVR’s, beginning with the TVR 450 SE ending with the TVR Typhon! My neighbours in Highgate hated those cars, especially at 3:00 AM after a night out in the Westend! The Tesla Roadster is an amazing product and I am one of those who wish the Tesla team great success in this area in quite unrelenting electric power, needless to say, I do not agree with Mr Clarkson and neither do I believe him and did not believe his diatribe about the original Lotus-based Tesla Roadster his Top Gear team allegedly tested, or staged failure as Tesla exposed! That was not journalism, it was in fact just Bull¢£it and a discredit to all journalist alike! After the Clarkson nonsense, why would any automotive manufacture trust their valuable product and reputation to automotive product after that Bull$-iT hacks like the Clarkson team…? The Tesla team need not heed Mr Clarkson, only their potential client sustainable automotive needs, they are ultimately the ones who will be purchasing the product, not the Top Gear team who are not car aficionado, they are entertainers, were they serious automotive journalists they would evaluate the vehicle purely on its potential merits, reserve judgment until they can test one, but simply lambasting a product prior to obtaining salient factual analyses is idiocy! Further, while Tesla did not prevail in their libel action against the BBC Program Top Gear in the British court’s, they did win in the court of public opinion, demonstrated in the absolute windfall of Model 3 orders received, and the growing volume of Model S and X sold outdated, each same a vote in favour of sustainable transport. With the release of the new Tesla Roadster, Mr Musk and his team are vindicated and herald the beginning of sustainable transportation, a laudable goal of a futurist and engineer! While Elon was creating his dreams the only thing Mr Clarkson has created his automotive chaos and doubt in his credibility! The new Tesla Roadster ends the debate about the efficiency and sustainability of electric transportation and that is fantastic for automotive journalism and the automobile purchasing public at large!

      3 years ago
    • 1) Top Gear is more of a comedy show rather than actual journalism. And so is Grand Tour. Taking these shows 100% seriously is kinda silly.

      2) Elon Musk isn't an angel either. But that's an entirely different story.

        3 years ago
    • TL;DR

        3 years ago
  • look interesting

      3 years ago