Jeremy Clarkson reveals he battled with COVID-19 during Christmas

He feared he would 'die alone in a plastic tent' during his Christmas COVID battle

3w ago

Jeremy Clarkson revealed in his Sunday Times Column that "Four days before Christmas, I woke in the night to find my sheets were soggy. And that I had a constant dry cough."

His test then came back positive and he said: "The doctor was very clear - I'd feel under the weather for between five and 14 days and then I'd either get better or I'd have to go to hospital."

"Because I am 60 and fat, and because I've smoked half a million cigarettes and had double pneumonia, I'd probably die, on my own, in a lonely plastic tent," he added.

Following this, The Grand Tour presenter isolated by himself and said: I took myself off to bed with the new Don Winslow book and a bag of kale to wait for the Grim Reaper to pop his head round the door."

"I'm not going to lie - it was quite scary," he added.

"With every illness I've had, there has always been a sense that medicine and time would eventually ride to the rescue.

"But with COVID-19 you have to lie there, on your own, knowing that medicine is not on its way and that time is your worst enemy."

Clarkson said that, initially, he "didn't feel too bad" but later his breathing "really did start to get laboured", adding: "There was always the doctor's warning ringing in my head about how it might suddenly get worse."

He said: "We keep being told that we know a great deal about COVID, but what I've learnt over the past 10 days is we don't.

"We don't know how long we are infectious for. We don't know how to tackle it. We don't know what it does to us.

"We don't know how long the antibodies last. We don't know how easy it is to catch it twice. And we certainly don't know if any of the vaccines will work long-term. I don't even know if I'm better now."

Source: Sky News

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Comments (123)

  • Prayers to him, hope he recovers soon. ❤️

      23 days ago
  • Hope he doesn't have any lasting problems from it

      23 days ago
    • That's what a lot of cavalier people are not thinking about.

      Just for some perspective - I'm beginning year 9 after West Nile infection, meningitis, encephalitis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. All kinds of long lasting issues. From brain...

      Read more
        23 days ago
    • Wait long term, Covid has hardly been around a year. I’d love to see the long term studies.

        22 days ago
  • Yet still people think it’s fake, it’s there to control people and blatantly ignore the rules

      23 days ago
    • They are VERY SILLY and stupid about 10x the average person

        23 days ago
    • Its mad to think we actually have such ignorant morans in the world who believe this is fake.

        22 days ago
  • Keep going Jeremy, wishing you a speedy recovery!

      23 days ago
  • Wow. I'm glad he's okay.

      23 days ago