Jeremy Clarkson sets new water speed record when filming at Coniston

The TV star took to the water in a highly unconventional vehicle

3y ago

THREE TV superstars were seen filming today at one of the Lake District's top tourist attractions causing a tidal wave of public attention.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, stars of Amazon's 'The Grand Tour', were seen in the shore at Coniston Water.

Navigating an impressive looking boat with caterpillar tracks and a converted aquatic Bond Bug car dozens of onlookers watched them film segments for their latest TV show.

A buzz has surrounded Coniston this week as speed enthusiasts take to the water for Records Week.

Clarkson was keen to take part in the thrill of setting records with the Records Week organisers tweeting that he had set a new water-speed record.

Driving the specially modified Bond Bug Clarkson managed to reach 47.81 mph (76,94 km)- a record in the experimental amphibious unlimited class.

We have some video footage of his navigation of the boat with the caterpillar tracks. As soon as we've got a new video of the actual record attempt we'll place that on our

​Clarkson on his attempt for a speed record in Coniston in a modified Bond Bug. Photos: Malcom Casson.

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  • not surprised as he presented top gear waterworld.

      3 years ago