Jeremy Clarkson Shows Up In NYC In a Ford GT

1y ago


Season 2 of The Grand Tour is but a hop, skip, and jump away, and it seems that the boys have been traveling around filming some last minute segments before the big premiere. Last week they were spotted in Canada, and now, Jeremy and Co. has been spotted in New York.

It appears the boys are in NYC for an upcoming segment that harkens back to the classic races of the old days. A Ford spokeperson said:

"You know, the classic them going on public transport, him going on a road-trip..."

It seems that Manhattan is going to be the starting point of whatver this race is, because James and Richard were also spotted, presumably entering the bus interchange nearby at 5th Ave and 59th St. According to the person filming:

"I did catch a glimpse. They two went in there obviously while he was filming..."

It will be wonderful to have these cross country races back again. Some of the best segments from Top Gear involved races between Jeremy in a car and James/Richard using public transportation (the Nissan GT-R episode in Japan is one of my favorites). We'll just have to wait and see where the boys are racing off to!

My guess is that this isn't a cross country race at all. If I know my NYC, I bet this is simply a race across Manhattan with Jeremy navigating the streets in his Ford GT and the others using buses and the subway.


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