Jeremy Clarkson shows us just how easy India's driving test really is

You won't believe how simple it is...

33w ago

Passing your driving test here in the UK is quite an impressive achievement for many people, whether you're 17 or 50. Many people fail their first attempt due to a few silly errors but when you eventually get it, it is a great sense of achievement.

But it appears to be slightly different in India, as Clarkson will show you now. In this old Top Gear clip, you see the driving test of a young Indian man. His test is like all other driving tests in India. He gets in the car, drives forward a bit, turns a bit right, then a bit left then comes to a stop some 50 yards later.

And that is it, he has passed his test to be a legal road user. You will also notice that this was done on an empty road with no obstacles in the way. This may baffle you, but this is how it's done over there. Interesting isn't it.

Did you expect it to be...well...challenging?

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Comments (16)

  • Well, I had my test last December in India, and it's true. I just had to go through a narrow track and do a H pattern in an empty ground - marked with small cement walls. No traffic training.

      7 months ago
  • Not as easy as china

      7 months ago
  • My driving test was kinda Dope. Had to do reverse parallel parking. Some traffic etiquette checks and stuff, couple of patterns too. Really depends what territory you're having the exam in

      7 months ago
  • Yay. I passed last thursday!

      7 months ago
  • No its isnt who said this bullshit. Its all camera now atleast where i live....its was like that years ago.things change mate🤨

      7 months ago