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Jeremy Clarkson's new Daily Driver is a Lamborghini

Jeremy Clarkson wrote about his new Lamborghini Tractor in today's Sunday Times

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The Automotive journalist is no stranger to new and unique cars as well as buying cars that make no sense for him at all, like his old Ford GT40. However today Clarkson spoke in the newspaper (remember those) about his new ride which certainly puts function over form.

As you are probably aware, Clarkson has a new series which will air on Amazon later this year. "I Bought a Farm" will air on the streaming service later this year but over the past year we have had insights into what he's been up to on his farm from the Jonathan Ross show, to seeing him here on Drivetribe, to his potato shop.

Now he has bought himself a brand new Lamborghini and he seems extremely happy about it. The tractor is one of the biggest you can buy and most powerful, which suits him well and it is also over £40,000 to get one. Obviously in the article he goes on to hilariously describe the tractor, for instance, he quips “Every single farmer type who’s seen it says the same thing. ‘That,’ they intone with a rural tug on the flat cap, ‘is too big.’ But in my mind tractors are like penises. They cannot be too big.”

Apparently he has even had to remodel the barn and gates of his new home just to fit the hilariously oversized tractor.

The full article can be read here:

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      11 months ago
  • Of course he bought a Lamborghini tractor...

      11 months ago
  • Not an tractor expert but I think that a new Tractor this size is way more than £40.000. A used 2008 Lamborghini R8.270 DCR with close to 5000 hours is already that much.

      11 months ago
    • "...for you Mister Clarkson, special price.." 🤪

        11 months ago
    • he bought this for its added features as only Lanbo can outfit a tractor wiht any option. The gel heated seat bottom for his hemorrhoids, the massaging back functions for his slipped disc, the fully lie flat bed seat ala F calss on Lufthansa...

      Read more
        11 months ago
  • “Tractors are like penises. They can never be too big.” - Jeremy Clarkson 2020

      11 months ago

      11 months ago