Jeremy, Richard and James have been playing the new Grand Tour game

38w ago


Last night James May tweeted a picture of himself, Jeremy and Richard all having a blast testing out he highly anticipated Grand Tour game.

There has been rather a lot of hype surrounding the game and I myself am very excited to get hands on with it.

Looking at image below, those who have a habit of looking into things a bit too much (like myself) might notice that Jeremy is not playing. I can only think of three reasons why this might be, either they did not have three controllers, maybe the game can only support two local players at a time, or maybe Jeremy had lost a few races and was slowly coming back round after a tantrum.

So, who out of the three guys do you think had the most trouble?

Well, in a competitive game where winning is more than likely the key, it is not too far fetched to believe that Mr Slowly himself found it difficult to stay on track according to Jeremy.

What are you mostly looking forward to about The Grand Tour game?

Let me know in the comments below!