Jim Nabors Has Passed Away At The Age Of 87

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I love the Indianapolis 500 it is 500 miles of speed, sound and theater. When I was younger I loved watching that looked nothing like the road cars I saw everyday. They looked like spaceships that traveled at unimaginable speeds. Every year we would sit down and watch, glued to the TV. As I got older I began to appreciate Indy for more than just a motor race. Of all the pre-race traditions was Jim Nabors singing 'Back Home Again In Indiana'. I couldn't tell you why it is my favorite part of the pre-race festivities, it just is and as far as I'm concerned it can not be missed.

In recent years Nabors has stepped down "You know, there's a time in life when you have to move on," he told USA Today ahead of his final performance at the Brickyard. "I'll be 84 this year. I just figured it was time. This is really the highlight of my year to come here. It's very sad for me, but nevertheless there's something inside of me that tells me when it's time to go."

Sadly Jim Nabors has passed today and even though he may have never raced in anger, built a car or otherwise affected the automotive world in a traditional way, the automotive world is worse without him in it. Thoughts and prayers to his friends, family and loved ones.

You may have known Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle but I will always remember him for this:

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