JLR has started autonomous testing in its home city of Coventry

With electrification on the cards for all models by 2020, JLR is already making the move towards driverless travel

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Jaguar Land Rover is pioneering the UK charge towards the future of motoring by declaring earlier this year that all of its models will be electrified by 2020 and it is now undertaking testing of autonomous systems onboard its vehicles around its home town of Coventry.

The current test vehicles (supported by the £20m UK Autodrive project) can talk to each other as well as recognising road signs and general infrastructure to maximise safety and ease of travel.

This is the first time this form of testing has been undertaken in the UK, with JLR testing both semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles to form two different forms of driving engagement.

Nick Rogers (Executive Director of Product Engineering) has said, “Testing this self-driving project on public roads is so exciting, as the complexity of the environment allows us to find robust ways to increase road safety in the future. By using inputs from multiple sensors, and finding intelligent ways to process this data, we are gaining accurate technical insight to pioneer the automotive application of these technologies.”

Could the E-Pace be the first crossover to include autonomous tech?

Could the E-Pace be the first crossover to include autonomous tech?

Through this testing, Coventry has joined another 12 cities worldwide that have begun autonomous testing. And with this specific testing planned to continue into 2018, it might not be long before the UK has its first autonomous production car roaming the streets.

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