John Coleman Tribecoin Winner

Sorry it took me so long...

3w ago

I have been very busy with school lately and have been having like 5 hours of homework a night. Thankfully tonight I don't have much! So without further delay here are the winners:

Most Bumped Meme:

Ferdi Kamphuis

Ferdi Kamphuis

Congratulations Ferdi!!! This was actually the 2nd most bumped comment and the one in 1st had already received tribecoins.

Runner up:

Vincent Höhlich

Vincent Höhlich

Good job to Vincent for getting runner up! It was a super close battle between this and 1st place! It was so close in fact I had to consult Throttle Girl and Nate A to choose the winner. So by unanimous decision, the winner is:

Winner of the 250 Tribecoins:

Elliot Marshall

Elliot Marshall

Congratulations to Elliot for winning the 250 tribecoins!!! The battle was really close but ultimately this meme won so good job, Elliot!!!

Thanks To Everyone Who Participated!!!

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