John Hennesey's 301mph Venom F5 - DriveTribe Exclusive

DriveTribe's Bill Caswell brings you an exclusive interview with John Hennessey about the world’s fastest production hypercar

3y ago

DriveTribe witnessed the unveiling of the Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar live at SEMA. Its maker, John Hennessey claims it is the world’s first production car to crack the holy-grail speed of 300mph.

While this claimed top speed has yet to be proven, the numbers the F5 produces from its 1,600bhp; custom built 7.4-litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine are simply staggering. In Vmax mode; 0-186mph is seen off in sub 10 seconds, 0-249mph flashes by in less than 30 seconds with a claimed top speed of 301mph.

We asked the question you’ve all wanted to know the answer to, can the F5 crack the 300mph barrier?

DriveTribe at SEMA - Bill Caswell talks to John Hennessey

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Comments (19)

  • What does Hennessey know about production cars, he has never built a car in sufficient numbers to qualify as "production", and even with this car he is "claiming" to only build 24 of them which wouldn't be sufficient!

    If this is anything like the previous Venom, the car will fail to prove any of their claims are valid - all this car and Hennessey produce is hot air!

      3 years ago
    • He knows a lot more than you... 24 cars is absolutely a "production run"... In my opinion, anything over 5 cars qualified as "production" especially for a small car builder like this... Also he did make a car that went over 270 mph without...

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        3 years ago
    • If he wants the world record, Guinness class 25 cars as a production run.

        3 years ago
  • Key word "claimed"

      3 years ago
  • All lovely. Now show us!

      3 years ago
  • The Venom F5 is.. I don't know maybe it's very good at doing high speed straight, but I bet it won't be as comfy as a Bugatti, aand won't corner as good as a Koenigsegg. And the looks, it looks like a hotwheels toy car.

    I still prefer Bugatti

      3 years ago
  • The Venom F5 is going to be madness. The speed that it picks up is absolutely brutal. Impressive, but I feel that the Bugatti and Koenigsegg are better cars as Bugatti accomplishes monstrous with much more weight and actual driving comfort, where as Koenigsegg's cars are beasts around the track and in a straight line where I feel the F5 will be somewhat of a straight only hypercar. The Bugatti is too for the most part but at least the Chiron has been developed enough to where it's a significant improvement over the Veyron on the track. Luxury and blistering fast speed is better for me than just having "the fastest car in the world." I'd rather have the 2nd or 3rd fastest car in the world and be able to track it and be enveloped in luxury.

      3 years ago