- Beatles & Rolls Royce Phantom V

John Lennons' Rolls Royce

40w ago


First registered in May 1965, John Lennon purchased the car, in 1966, to go alongside this other Black Rolls which was to be famously painted in psychedelic colours. He paid £6,000 for the car and a further £6,000 to Wood & Picket Coach builders for "improvements".

Originally black over Green, lennon wanted it White outside and inside even the steering wheel.

It can be seen in the video of the 1975 John Lennon single "Stand by me"

John kept the car for a few years selling it in 1969 to Allen Klein a record publisher reportedly paying $50,000 for it. He used it for 10 years before putting it into storage. It languished until on his death, in 2009, it passed to his son Jody who had it restored.

Restored and at a show a few years ago.