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If you hear the name John Newman then you’d probably think of the singer of hits such as Love me Again, Cheating, Blame, and Feel the Love. What you probably don’t that he’s a massive Petrol Head.

A couple of years ago John did and interview for DRIVETRIBE’s now main rival Car Throttle, in which he described his love and passion for cars. The interview started with the best introduction I’ve ever heard, the first words the Newman says are “I remember that day the Princess Diana died, for the reason that I was out the back welding a wheelbarrow onto a frame with a roll cage on it that id put bike steering on”

Through the interview Newman explains why and how his passion for cars and go karts grew, you can also see his large collection of go karts and the shed where they all get built. Pointing at one go kart Newman says “this Motherf****er lost me my last relationship.

Throughout the interview John takes us through his up’s and downs with cars including spending years drawing and sketching cars to wanting to learn more about the mechanics of a car and how he could modify the car and change it to losing 2 friends in a car accident and being caught by the police on a motocross bike and being forced to sell the bike and pay a huge fine.

When Newman was filming the music video for ‘Come and Get it’ he was driving a Porsche Speedster replica round LA and this made Newman want to get back out driving again after a long gap. Newman wanted to be seen as a guy who has an addiction to cars and the smell of fuel.

Newman decided to go for a V8 cobra. The car was designed by Newman from the ground up, Newman explains that he likes to design everything himself and likes to customise things exactly how he likes them. John describes the car as ‘like a boat’ and the ‘front end is so sensitive that one little twitch throws the back end’.

Like a lot of Petrol Heads john likes to spend his Sunday’s building and tinkering with various creations of his.

Its clear to see that John is an ultimate Petrol head, it may be a bit late to organise, but I think he should defiantly be a guest on the Grand Tour this season.

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