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Hi there!

Did you know that the majority of the content posted on DriveTribe is original and created by its users? We are a group of people from all around the world with all sorts of creative inclinations and passions. If you're feeling a little lost here, worry not. We are here to help you. Here's all you need to know:

These are some of the faces you'll see around. I bet you'll love them. I certainly do.


How to join DriveTribe's Content Creator Program, Moneybox:

If you create original content and would like tips from professional journalists and help from the creator's community, consider applying to our Moneybox program. You'll get the chance to meet cool new people who write, photograph, film, etc - and you'll have a lot of fun!


How to join DriveTribe's community:

If you don't create content but also want to be a part of the community - don't worry about a thing. You already are one of us! DriveTribe is made of the relationships we create here, so bump and leave comments to show your appreciation for people that create content. Join our community tribes to get to know like-minded people (in my case, it's the Food Spotting people). If you had a long day, take a quiz or reply to a poll to clear your mind. Don't forget to get yourself an official DriveTribe T-shirt as well!

Use our search tool to look for Tribes to join, content, people and cars:

Once you join a Tribe, all content posted to it will be shown on your "My Feed" - check yours regularly so you don't miss a thing

Browse our Verticals Menu to see all content you love in one place:

There are many different verticals and they are updated all day long with great new content. You can organize them the way you want using DriveTribe's app,

To post, look for a round red button on your screen or access Studio, our publishing tool for content creators, on a computer.

This is Studio's dashboard: you can access all its functionalities by logging in using a computer

Make sure you've downloaded the app so you get notified of new content, direct messages, and to access all the good stuff on-the-go.


Download the DriveTribe App



So don't be a stranger: stop by, say hi, and welcome to DriveTribe!


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