- It looks sinister in the black camo wrap

Jon Olsson Unveils His Another Insane Camo Creation | 800hp G500 4x4

And he drives it how it should it be driven...

3y ago

Professional Skier and Famous YouTuber Jon Olsson has unveiled his newest creation. However, this time it's not a supercar or a road legal race car but instead, its a giant 800hp gas guzzling, all terrain conquering Mercedes G500 4x4.

As always it has been wrapped in camo pattern but this time he has opted for a different combination of black and grey instead of black and white. The subtle red pinstripes across the SUV go a long way in enhancing the exterior look.

Even though it has a camo wrap, it won't go unnoticed especially when it is decked with every possible equipment required to survive an apocalypse including sirens and blow horns.

What do you think of this latest car in his garage?

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