Jonny Smith once bought a Mercedes for 1 penny and drove it for 6 years

Sounds like the bargain of the century!

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If you, like me and many others listen to The Smith And Sniff Podcast every Monday then you will probably be well aware of this story, but for those of you who don't listen to it (and why don't you), I'll tell you the story now.

Motoring Journalist, podcaster and YouTuber Jonny Smith aka CarPervert, once bought a Mercedes W123 Estate for one British penny, and here is how he managed that.


On the most recent podcast he did with his co-host Richard Porter, Jonny told the story of how his brother managed to get him a Merc for just a penny. His brother (whose name escapes me so let's call him Ken for the purpose of this article - this is probably not his name).

So, Ken had just moved house and went to a nearby farm in order to buy some chickens for his garden. When he arrived at the farm he noticed a W123 Estate in the field with one window down and chickens running all through it.

He then asked the farmer about it and he said it was his wife's car but hasn't been used in a while and the window was accidentally left down. Ken then went to have a closer look at this car and noticed it was full of water but was overall in good condition and remembered his brother, Jonny (whose name I do know) was looking for a cheap second car.


Ken then asked the farmer if he would consider selling it, and the farmer said he would but it isn't worth anything so made an agreement that if Ken bought some chickens, he would give him the car for a penny as long as he removed it from the farm.

Jonny's brother Ken obviously agreed and called up Jonny to tell him the news. Jonny then paid the farmer this hefty sum of £0.01 and got the car taken away to his brother who is a mechanic, who fixed it up a bit for him. This included sorting out the brakes and drying out the wet interior.

Once this was done, Ken gave the car back to Jonny and he then drove it as his daily car for the next six years. After these six years were up, he sold it to a man who drove it to the Netherlands...well sort of.

The man collected it from Jonny and drove it down to the Dover crossing, got to France and blew the thing up. He then called Jonny to ask what had happened, and it turned out he was driving the whole way down at 100 mph instead of 100 kph, meaning the car was being maxed out for hours, the poor thing.

But anyway, that was a solid £599.99 profit for Jonny that day which is a result for anyone. So, may this be a lesson to us all: there is no shame in buying a cheap least not all the time. Don't buy a dog of a car and please don't get something that isn't German or Japanese for 1 penny.

I also can't stress enough how Jonny's brother probably isn't actually called Ken.

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