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Jordan; A team as mad as it's little Irish owner.

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Jordan was a team that started Formula 1 in 1991. It was known for it's fast and loose approach to the support. Very much like it's owner, the rather eccentric and outgoing; Eddie Jordan. The one thing no one can deny that Jordan brought to the support in the 14 years they featured in the sport was that they brought a tonne of character and some very outstanding colour. Spicing up the F1 line up each season was something they specialised in, being from Ireland and based right next to Silverstone made them a real feature of the sport.

Here we can see the gloriously bright Jordan standing out from the crowd at the 1997 Spanish GP.

Now as we all know Jordan has had some absolutely gorgeous liveries through out their time in our wonderful sport. But, the sunshine yellow with the infamous snake down the side of the nose cone wasn't Jordan's only well renowned livery. Oh no. "What else did they have?" I hear you scream! Well, I'm about to show you...

Yes, of course! It is the famous and much loved 7up themed race car. The green colours of Ireland shining bright in their opening year on the tracks we know and love. So, enough about how the car looks, let us look into the history of this controversial yet brilliant team.

Eddie, back where it all began.

The main thing to note about Jordan through-out the years is the huge amount of drivers that raced for them who we now look to as legends or icons of the sport. In their first year known as Jordan Grand Prix, in that lovely little green number, they had a rather little name (at the time) driving for them. Mercedes-Benz paid $150,000 to have their young driver featured and this young man didn't actually go onto score any points for his team at all that season, although he did only join mid-way through the year at the Belgian Grand Prix. This man of course went onto be the sports most successful race driver to have ever lived, winning seven world championships, it was none other than Michael Schumacher.

After the world famous German, who was little more than an exciting rookie left Jordan at the end of the season, the Irish team had many more prolific and historic icons racing for them. These of course range from Michael's team mate Rubens Barrichello who would later join him at Ferrari. The drivers also included world famous names such as Eddie Irvine, Martin Brundle, Giancarlo Fisichella, Damon Hill, Jean Alesi and even the one and only Narain Karthikeyan in their final season in 2005.

The team were a huge part of the sport for many, many years but unfortunately after only managing 3rd as their highest finish in the constructors championship and only managing 4 wins in their time, they were eventually sold to the Midland Group. The Midland group then sold to Spyker F1 and then were sold on one more time to the team we now recognise as Force India in 2008. All I can say is, it's good to see that the team which descends from the incredibly bright yellow Jordan is still lighting up the grid in its incredibly individual pink livery.

All I can say is, I'll always love that little yellow beauty.

Absolutely beautiful.

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