Josh Martin: From Esports To F1

Today's young drivers are using sim racing rather than karting as an entry point to real-world racing

4y ago

Ask any 5 year old boy what they want to be when they grow up and, invariably, they will reply "A racing driver". For most that wish remains a pipe dream, however Josh Martin has a chance to make that dream a reality.

Most up and coming drivers predominantly begin their career in karting before progressing into the world of Formula racing, however Josh came to the attention of racing bosses through the world of Esports.

Having developed a passion for motor racing at a very early age, avidly following world of Formula One during the race season, Josh didn’t enter the world of online racing until he was 14. Having received the F1 2010 game as a gift from a friend, he was instantly hooked and began playing online for fun. He soon discovered like minded people and that he could recreate the thrill of racing experienced by his heroes by competing in online leagues.

Next came the F1GC League, covering Europe and North America and Josh has, again, excelled himself and his ​results quickly attracted the attention of Thrustmaster, who currently sponsor him and allowed him to develop a working relationship with Sauber and Force India Formula One teams.

Having started at 745th in the world. Josh is now ranked #1 in Scotland and #6th worldwide. With a seat on the Richardson Racing team in 2015, and with the Caterham F1 and Ferrari teams closely monitoring his performance, they are keen to offer Josh a place in their training academy if his track performance matches his online abilities.

As you can imagine, these unique origins to racing have attracted media interest from far and wide and the future for Josh is one of great prospectus with the potential to race in the MSA British Formula 2017 season and an aim to improve his overall global Esports rank.

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  • Wonder how he would stack up against the sim racing big boys on Iracing or in something like the $1m formula E 'road to Vegas' event.

      4 years ago