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Journalism Best Practices - Citing Sources

Article Help - Citing Sources

By: Migz 10/24/2018

Do you like posting on Drivetribe or other sites? Are you sharing media from other websites such as pictures, videos or other information? Then you should know some best practices.

If you are using media from another source, be sure to note where you got your resources.

Not only is citing a way to avoid plagiarism but it also shows that you get your information from a reliable source.

Be Sure To Read The Fine Print

Be sure you have authorization to use the material, just citing sources may not be enough. Typically there are links at the bottom of the website that will help. Look for: "Guidelines", "Legal Notices", "Terms Of Use".

Typically terms of use will be you are looking for.

Your Call

Ultimately it is your responsibility to do the research before using content. Be sure to do the right thing, especially if you want your work to get promoted on other websites such as Drivetribe! Once you build up your positive reputation and your work becomes reliable, you will be rewarded!

Check out these great resources that will help you on your way to become a better journalist.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Resource:

Here is a great resource on the importance of citing sources from the M.I.T. libraries - click here

Purdue University Online Writing Lab:

Here is a great resource on citing electronic sources (aka web publications) from Purdue University - click here

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