Journalist Wrecks a Ferrari 812 and 5 People Got Injured

45w ago


Less than a month ago, a McLaren Senna ended up parked against a wall, before that was an accident involving a brand new McLaren 720S and this time it's a Ferrari 812 Superfast. In the accidents involving the McLarens, nobody was seriously injured, however, this time there are 5 people that aren't enjoying themselves as much as they did prior to the accident.

It can be said that the main cause of these stupid accidents is inappropriate driving in public roads and the blame goes straight to the driver this time. Even more so as he doesn't own the car and is just joyriding it for a so called "Robb Report Car of the year 2018".

Some may say that he is just doing his job of testing the car for the benefit of the consumers, and when testing a hight performance V12 Ferrari, it's obvious that the journalist has to push the car to the absolute limit. But if he had the tiniest bit of commonsense, then he should have taken the car to the track to test its performance the right, professional way. The track was made for that after all.

I'd also like to say that a journalist that'd wreck a car like that clearly isn't skilled enough to test a 812's performance and hence doesn't deserve the job. To be clear Richard Hammond's accident is a bit different as the hillclimb event was in a proper organized event, and didn't threaten other people's lives.

The journalist in question has also been in a recent accident involving a " 2018 Ford". Its thought to be the new Mustang Bulitt which also took part in the Robb Report test. A result of that accident was a lockdown of Highway 128 and an air ambulance had to be brought in to carry one of the occupants in another car involved in the accident to Queen of the Valley Medical Centre. So this guy clearly has a record of reckless driving and definitely isn't qualified for the job.

There should be something done to keep our roads safe and to punish people who can't comprehend how risky these situations can be for themselves and for other people.

We still don't know much about the details of the accident, but according to Carbuzz 5 people were injured.

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