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39w ago

If you are an avid user of the Joyride App, here is the news: it will soon disappear from the app store and if you are reading this on your phone you should go download the DriveTribe app for your automotive fix.



Yeah, I know - Joyride is loved by many of you - but here is the thing.

We first launched Joyride because we thought DriveTribe had got all a bit serious and professional and we wanted a place for everyone to share memes, mess about a bit and have fun without moderators breathing down your neck - so Joyride was born.

And it worked really well.

Most people downloaded the Joyride app but then also downloaded the DriveTribe app at the same time. And they ended up using DriveTribe more.

In the meantime loads of people started creating memes and having a laugh on DriveTribe - which really benefited the community - and our corporate "do-we-actually-have-a-strategy" thinking of being somewhere between "deadly serious" and "total piss-take" started to work better than it had before.

So DriveTribe accidentally became Joyride's big brother. And Joyride became a place where people appeared for a few days and then reappeared over on DriveTribe. This made Joyride feel a bit like the party that you go to by accident - discover that the food is rubbish, the music is crap and that there is no beer - and then go find the better party down the road.

If you poke about a bit into the different areas on DriveTribe you will now find people who like pretty much anything to do with cars, bikes, models - almost everything you can think of. And yeah, basically is better than Joyride. All Joyride posts are here - in the Joyride tribe.

So now we have got most people on DriveTribe, it is time to shed a tear and say goodbye to Joyride. (We have hired a mobile developer who is going to launch dark mode on the DriveTribe app).

So - go search on your local app store for "DriveTribe" and we'll see you over there.

****** UPDATE *******

Our in-house designer, Curtis, was so moved by the outpouring of love in the comments below that he has created a set of phone wallpapers if you cannot live without some Joyride feelz.


Feel free to comment with your outpourings of love for Joyride below. And to set the mood, here is the Spice Girls:

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Comments (48)

  • Of all the band's you could've picked 😒.

    Seriously though, I've been using joyride a lot

      9 months ago
  • Ok, I've been using DT on my PC, I just feel that joyride worked smoother on my phone, that being said no hard feelings we all grow up

      9 months ago
    • The mobile app dev team are beavering away improving the DT app so you will see lots of improvements. With one less app to support they will also be able to get more done faster.

        9 months ago
  • Brilliant song choice ha ha are you a secret Spice Girls fan.

      9 months ago
  • My phone's home screen shall forever be less attractive without it. ;(

      9 months ago
    • I'll speak to the design team to get some wallpapers made up for your phone. What device are you using?

        9 months ago
    • That would actually be fantastic. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S10.

        9 months ago
  • I thought they were already joined at the hip. Everything I post on DRIVETRIBE was automatically posted on Joyride. I must be mistaken then. Farewell Joyride. You had a good run 😢

      9 months ago
    • I think it has to be promoted to joyride, but I'm not sure

        9 months ago
    • Hey Frederic. Yes - we ended up with a complex process of cross-promotions between the two apps which I'm fairly sure nobody now knows exactly how it works. I tend to fall back on "its magic" when asked.

        9 months ago