- N​ote the new 162 mph top speed

J​uicing up the Model 3

A​s Elon remarked during the unveiling of the Model 3: "Tesla does not make slow cars." He is right about that – the absolute slowest car in its fleet has a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds. Now, Tesla has added speed and power to its Model 3 line-up with a free over-the-air software update.

I​n particular, all Model 3 owners will see a performance bump of 5%, which translates to an approximately 0.3 second reduction in naught-to-sixty time and a boost to top speed of 7 miles per hour. For instance, the top speed of the Performance Model 3 jumped from 155 to 162 mph, essentially overnight.

Elon indicated on a recent conference call that this extra power is the result of durability testing and loosening the artificial restrictions placed on the electric motor.

I​n addition, Tesla is extending the range for Long Range Rear Wheel Drive Model 3s from 310 miles to 325.

T​he power boost began hitting cars with software version 2019.8.X. The extra range has been rolling out sporadically across software versions, with some owners reporting the extra range beginning with version 2019.5.15. Your truly has not yet received the 15 mile bump (but expect to shortly).

W​e'd electronically limited the model 3 performance to 155 mph. that was not a physical limit but an electronic limit. after a lot of testing, we now fee we can increase that limit ... the two motors just spin faster. i think they're going somewhere along the lines of 19,000 rpm.

e​lon on speed