Jump of the week: sky-high semi

Daring driver slings a semi-truck into the sky... and sticks the landing!

4y ago

The above might look like a still from a high-octane chase scene in a Hollywood blockbuster, but what you're looking at is a record being liberally smashed.

Gregg Godfrey, former stuntman and creator of the US series Nitro Circus, got behind the wheel of this truck with the aim of setting a new world record. Previously, he'd established a truck cab jump record of 15.3m (51ft), but in 2014 EMC and the Lotus F1 team broke that with a 25.9m (83ft) jump.

It would be an understatement to say that he somewhat improved on the previous efforts, with his truck landing neatly after flying a record-breaking 50.6m (166 feet).

Godfrey said: "I haven't been in a semi for almost two years. Last time we attempted a jump like this it didn't turn out so hot... If the front end's coming up I get a little nervous – if it's flying, then I'm stoked."

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      4 years ago
  • Very smooth landing on the little one...

      4 years ago
  • 😂

      4 years ago
  • Beggars belief

      4 years ago
  • vau out of this world. love it

      4 years ago