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Jump Something in Your Truck to Celebrate!

An extremely abridged peek at women and trucks.

3y ago

Just wanted to take a few moments to show love for my fellow female motoring enthusiasts and highlight the truck-loving ones this IWD.

I was a car enthusiast at an early age, something that has to do with the suburban setting I grew up in. A little while later I began to see trucks as something beyond the construction worker's utility vehicle. Although I have driven many cars, I have only owned trucks, so you can see where my enthusiasm comes from with Truck Night in America premiering tonight.

I've learned the hard way not to drive cars the way I like to drive my trucks - like the time I completely split my boyfriend's exhaust in two. Oopsie. One episode will feature at least one female contestant, Teresa Lummus - its sure to be a cathartic experience! And I will be jealous of her Scout.

I think I created a mud puddle just by drooling at that thing! Photo from mantripping.com

I think I created a mud puddle just by drooling at that thing! Photo from mantripping.com

In fact, I learned from James Hills' interview with Teresa for ManTripping.com that she owns 3 Scouts and 4 Jeeps, and keeps very busy "fixing the stuff [she] breaks". (Very jealous.)

Full interview with show preview video here: www.mantripping.com/stuff/interview-with-teresa-lummus-competitor-on-truck-night-in-america.html

In his final question for Teresa, James asks: "Off roading and trucks in general seems to be sterotypically, a "guy thing". However, the more I experience the community, the more I find there are some incredible women drivers and that women love trucks as much as guys. What's your advice for women that want to get more involved in trucks and off roading?" Teresa's response: "I agree, when I first started there weren't as many women into the sport. My advice is if you love it, go for it! Don't let anyone hold you back. It is the best thing I have ever done."

Congratulations Teresa on not only living what you love but also for being given the spotlight to inspire others. Looking forward to the show. Keep getting dirty!

HRM, Truck Mechanic

Mashable.com - "1945: Elizabeth in the Army"

Mashable.com - "1945: Elizabeth in the Army"

That's right Queen Elizabeth enjoyed maintaining trucks for the armed forces in her Princess years. Awesome photographs in this article: mashable.com/2015/04/22/queen-elizabeth-army/#Y5wz78cdesq7

Grease and wrenches by day, Windsor Castle by night! #GOALS

#whatwewant #internationalwomensday #goals #trucks #offroad #racetruck #mudtruck #thehistorychannel #trucknightinamerica #hellyeah

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Comments (14)

  • Thank you so much for posting this about me! It's very touching! I really appreciate it. Make sure you all get out there and jump something!

      3 years ago
    • OH MY GOSH Teresa!! Its so cool you found my article! I haven't seen your particular episode yet but every now and again they pop in a peek on the upcoming montage.

      LOVE the picture you added! You are welcome to post an article any time in my...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • I never knew you were THAT into trucks, that's cool. There aren't nearly enough of us true truck girls around here, or if there are, they're too shy to say anything. I really love the advice Teresa Lummus gives "...if you love it, go for it! Don't let anyone hold you back." Those are words to live by, I think. You have to go into potentially challenging situations with the right attitude, and expecting to succeed. I pretty much just have the attitude, "I'm a truck person, who happens to be a woman. Deal with it." It's worked for me so far. I suspect you have a very similar attitude. Your confidence shows, and I love it.

      3 years ago
    • ❤❤🤛🤛 Preach Sister!!

      We're pretty close to saying "I'm a truck person" and that's it! I think many of us outspoken females on DT are in the I like what I like so deal with it camp. Was it really showing 😳 ? 🆒! 🚙🚚🚛

        3 years ago
    • Yep, I'm pretty unapologetic about the whole thing. Honestly, I have very, very few problems with people giving me a tough time. And the ones that do are idiots. I'm not bothered.

        3 years ago
  • What a fab article Queen! Happy belated International Women's Day Queen! Hope you're keeping well ❤️

      3 years ago
  • Thanks for reposting !

      3 years ago