- ADAC F4 driver champion 2017 Juri Vips, ADAC F4 team champion 2017 Prema Powerteam ©Gruppe C GmbH/ ADAC Motorsport

Juri Vips is the 2017 ADAC Formula 4 Champion

The Estonian was crowned champion at Hockenheim

3y ago

Prema Powerteam driver Juri Vips secured the 2017 title with a third place finish in the final race at Hockenheim. "It’s incredible! A sensational feeling. All the hard work of the past weeks and months have finally paid off. I am overjoyed. Maybe I’ll even dance a little at the Champions’ party", said Vips.

With team-mate and championship contender Marcus Armstrong trying to attack yet again, Vips eventually had to let Armstrong pass. Ultimately, Vips finished the race behind winner Artem Petrov (Van Amersfoort Racing) and his team-mate in third, which was enough to stay on top in the championship rankings.

With only 4.5 points separating the new champion from his fellow competitors, it was the narrowest championship decision in the history of ADAC Formula 4. "We have a strong Champion in this really strong series", stated Prema Team Principal Angelo Rosin.

The Italian outfit had every reason to be pleased with their season: Second place in the drivers' championship was secured by Armstrong, with the team championship had even been secured before the final weekend for the second consecutive year.

ADAC Formula 4 Champion 2017: Prema Powerteam driver Juri Vips ©Gruppe C GmbH/ ADAC Motorsport

ADAC Formula 4 Champion 2017: Prema Powerteam driver Juri Vips ©Gruppe C GmbH/ ADAC Motorsport

On the way to this success, Vips scored two wins and multiple podium finishes along the way with three extremely valuable points finishes in P8, P6 and P3 respectively at the final weekend in Hockenheim. For Prema this is the first drivers' title in the German championship.

Vips is following the footsteps of Marvin Dienst (champion 2015 for ADAC Berlin–Brandenburg e.V. [Mücke Motorsport]) and Joey Mawson (champion 2016 for Van Amersfoort Racing. In addition he wrote history, being the most consistent driver scoring in 20 out of the total 21 races, with no other driver has reached that in the young history of #ADACF4 yet.

Vips had already competed for Prema in ADAC F4 in 2016 and made an important contribution to the team’s title in that season, finishing second in the Rookie standings. Before his first year in formula racing, Vips was a successful kart driver, securing numerous titles in his country of origin, against international competition.

Where his path will now lead to is still open. "First of all we want to celebrate and then we’ll look further. There are many options", closed Vips. With the ADAC F4 champion not allowed to race in the same series again, Vips is expected to climb up the ladder, most likely joining Prema’s F3 outfit.


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