Just about what happens when you order americano in Italy.

A brief of the cancelled deal between Ford and Ferrari.

3w ago


Once Henry Ford II got his vacation all wrong,

MIxed up a Mustang with an entirely different horse.

And just to make the matter worse he ordered americano.

Of course.

Some posh Italian geezer joined him by the table.

Enzo Ferrari was written on the label.

He started to talk about all the troubles he got.

He wins races every day,

Winning but not getting much pay.

But that doesn’t matter,

Old italian say,

I’m about to sell the whole scuderia anyway.

And our boy Henry filled with sorrow and pain,

Boarded to Detroit closest plane.

Back to italy he returned,

For helping that old guy was the pressing concern.

Grandpa read through few pages,

While carefully observed by law-knowing mages.

Then all of a sudden he stopped,

Took his purple ink pen and wrote,

Go away Henry Ford.

Furious and angry was our car lord,

And returned to his amidst Detroit fort.

Meanwhile at the place of that deal,

Old Enzo set in motion another scheme.

He was pulling Fiat’s leg,

For he knew their funding had no end.

Henry wouldn't let it slide,

Revenge was fueling his mind.

He was thinking about building a car,

That would make things right.

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